Loan Department

  1. Drawing loan documents for Consumer Mortgage
  2. Drawing loan documents for refinancing.
  3. Drawing loan documents for SME / Corporate companies.
  4. Granting Financial Institution Legal Opinion in respect of loans relating to International Financial dealing for both individuals and Companies.
  5. Application to Land Office for consent to charge.
  6. Perfection of charge.
  7. Up-stamping of Loan Documentation
  8. Discharge of Charge / R & R.
  9. Guarantee Agreement.
  10. Debenture Agreement.
  11. Sub of documents to SSM pending to loans to SME/ Corporate Companies.

We also collaborate with Financial Consultant and Bank –Relationship Manager in assisting on the approvals of loans.

Sale and Purchase Department

  1. Drawing Sale and Purchase Agreement for Developers under House Ownership Campaign (HOC).
  2. Drawing up Sale and Purchase Agreement for subsale.
  3. Perfection of Transfer.
  4. Transmission of Love and Affection.
  5. Transmission through Inheritance Properties.

  6. We also have good relationship with local Land Office, Inland Revenue Board (IRB) and Companies Commission Malaysia (CCM)

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